new york city

Last week, I was watching a movie that was based in NYC with my bestie while back home in Louisiana. The entire film I commented on the architecture and my deep love for the city. After the movie, she pointed out; "Well, of course you love NYC. You have always wanted to live there."

I paused for a second and thought: 'ya know, I have always wanted to live there.' As a little girl, I dreamt that one day I would live in NYC and work as some corporate girl boss. This way I could wear awesome business clothes, and one day I could walk into a room, slam my super cool brief case down on a conference and tell a room full of most likely men what was what on a project.

My life took several turns since that dream was conceived. Years later, I did work with mostly men in the architecture business as a boss here in LA. I never slammed my briefcase on any table and only rarely and in extreme circumstances did I ever have to tell someone what was what. And, even then, it was only because being young and being a women in the industry at times requires you to stand up for yourself and learn your own strength.

So, in a way, I suppose most of that dream came true. The only thing missing was the city backdrop. I have never lived in NYC, but it is still a little dream I keep in my back pocket. Who knows, maybe one day, even just for a few months, I may just find myself there; sans briefcase, conference rooms, business clothes, and a whole lot of sass... only to be replaced with a backpack, tennis shoes, a camera, and a whole lot of gratitude.

new york city



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