I have been trying to recall for a while now, so I hope I am getting this right, but I think this was my first ever solo stay in a foreign country. Since this little hotel, I have flown solo quite a lot, but if my memory is serving my correctly, this was my very first little stay over seas alone.

For 5 days, I felt as if I was out on the open road, wind in my air, blazing my own trail. I did whatever I wanted, ordered loads of room service (something I never do), and jammed my music as loud as I wanted whilst dancing with abandon in my hotel room (evidence in my instastories). It was freeing and telling; and, I completely loved it.

And, I am so glad I started the loner adventure in this little hotel in Bratislava. I loved my stay here and wanted to share more from this beautiful hotel. Due to snowy weather conditions, I hibernated in this room quite a bit and documented my stay. So, if you are looking for a place to stay, watch the video below to check out Marrol's Boutique Hotel!

So Glam-3.jpg