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This past year has probably been my busiest yet. Between work and travel, in 2018, I didn’t take a lot of time to let things slow down and just relax. For example, 12 hours after landing in Los Angeles from Bali, I was in the OR for a scheduled sinus surgery. 2.5 weeks later, I was in Scotland still trying to recover and keep my work and personal commitments going while abroad. By the end of my time in the UK, I was utterly exhausted, jet lagged, and probably still trying to come down from morphine.

By the end of 2018, I was SPENT. I suppose traveling has a way of looking like a perpetual vacation. The truth is that while, yes, it is a welcomed change of scenery for which I am always grateful, it is also a lot of sleepless nights, naps on airport floors, physical and mental jet lag, and other unseen sacrifices. Like with anything in life, it is a lot of work, most of which happens behind the scenes. And, this back to back lifestyle can be quite taxing if you aren’t creating balance and just simply giving yourself a break.

Perhaps, it says a lot that “giving yourself a break” is something that has to be scheduled as if it is a strange occurrence or unusual happening. But, this idea of “allowing myself time for myself” is something I am learning to implement more and more into my life. Honestly, just giving myself a break overall in life is something I am trying on for size. Whether it is “giving myself a break” with my imperfections and insecurities, or just allowing myself the time I need to slow down, sit on the porch swing, and be ok with doing nothing. Ahhh, to do nothing without the guilt of doing nothing. That is the real challenge.

In our world today, there’s so much focus placed on digitally connecting. Particularly in the social media business space, we are always made aware of the importance of consistently connecting and sharing content online. But, I actually think the real value can often be found in the disconnection. Powering devices down, shutting out the world, and just being still, breathing in peace, and giving time to myself, is something I crave more and more of these days. So, at the start of the year I decided to take a few weeks out of my 2019 plans to shut out the world, power down my phone, and head back to my roots in Louisiana for a little r&r.

And, while I still have a few days left of my trip home, so far, this time of peace and quiet has been so fulfilling. From a girl’s weekend spent with my favorite human, my sis, to babysitting my other favorite humans, my nieces, to late nights laughing with sweet friends and family, to coffee chats with old friends, it has been time well spent back home; because, for me, home is all things good: Good food. Good times. Good people. And, most importantly, good rest. What can I say? Sometimes, ya just gotta go home.