kindness budapest

I don't ever claim to know a lot about life or this crazy world we live in, but there is one truth I have come to know and believe without a doubt. And, that is that, there is more kindness in the world than there is evil.

We live in a time where “news” equates to “negativity” as if the two words are completely interchangeable. And, underlying it all is the “news” of our cultural and religious differences around the globe. As if difference equates to more than negativity; because, difference somehow equates to fear.

But, as someone has been immersed in a multitude of cultures, religions, and governments, there is one universal truth that transcendence all the differences existing in the world today. The truth is that we are all more alike than we are different. And, this world is more kind than not.

We are all daughters, mothers, fathers, and sons. And, while we may not share identical belief systems or cultural norms, we unequivocally share one common thread woven into the fabric of our beings: we are human.

We were built, designed even, for human connection and kindness. It is in all of us, the desire to connect with others. And, as I continue to travel more and more, I continue to be confronted with this truth. There is more kindness in the world than not.

I am living proof of it, story after story, adventure after adventure, we as humans are a kind people. Thank you to all those I have met along these journeys around the world who have taught me kindness and showed me compassion. I am forever grateful. And, my only hope, is that I pay it continue forward in some way in some other part of the world.

Kindness. It's universal.

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