I was always someone who enjoyed reading, but it wasn't until I started traveling quite a bit for work that I truly found a passion for books, real books. My house is filled with everything from travel books to novels to crime fiction. You name it. I love a good story. And, I love real books. The feel of a hard back and seeing the words on a page make for a great afternoon at home. But, as I started to travel more, there were a few problems that began to arise for me when carrying around real books on the go.

For example, books added quite a bit of weight and bulk to my carry-on. And, what about longer trips? Did I really want to travel with multiple books? Or, what if I selected what I thought was the perfect travel book and then I ended up half way across the world with a really boring story? Or, on the positive side, what if I found myself buried in the best read of my life only to finish it on the plane before ever setting foot in my next destination, and then what was I to do? I would have nothing more to read for the rest of the trip and still have to carry around the book.


It wasn't until my best friend recommended the kindle to me that my entire adventure world changed. With the ability to download an endless amount of books, the kindle is a lightweight and convenient option to reading while on the go! You can download loads of book options straight to the device along with book samples to ensure that the read is worth it! It also works with an app on your phone allowing you to read with or without your kindle device. Kindle also offers other services that work both with or without your device. 

For $9.99 a month, you can have unlimited access to countless good reads!!! That is a huge money saver when considering that the average book is $15-$25. OH! and the newest feature that I have started to use on road trips is audible. Several kindle books come with the option to either read or listen to the story and everything updates accordingly. Meaning, if you read a quick chapter on your iPhone app, it updates your page on your kindle device. Or, if you are in the car and want to listen to a chapter in traffic, boom, it updates your place in the book on all your other devices and apps!

Now, before you continue reading, please let me point out that this is not an ad for any of the products. I just actually use this setup to read on the go and highly recommend it! I am not getting any kickbacks or free products for this article. It is just something I have tried and tested and swear by!! Speaking of, the last item needed for the perfect book read/listen is the Bose noise canceling headphones. I have spoken about these quite a lot because they truly have changed my work and listening life. All of the plane noises are cancelled out allowing you to really concentrate on the story at hand and dive deeply into the characters and plot! What more could you ask for?!

Below, you will find links to the specific products I love and further product descriptions to help you create the perfect Digital Reading Setup! Enjoy!!!

Below are links to buy and further product descriptions to help you create the perfect Digital Reading Setup! Enjoy!!!



Available in black or white, this reader is as close as you can get to a real paper book. The ability to read without hurting your eyes with harsh digital light is unprecedented. There is also a built-in light to allow for night and/or airplane reading. This device is a must for reading!


If you are traveling with these devices then this is the portable charger built for you. This device has a built in iPhone charger as well as a micro-USB charger that works well for both a kindle or a pair of Bose headphones!


For any type of listening, this is an absolute must! These Bose headphones are great for either reading in silence or listening to an audible book. Their noise cancelling capabilities is beyond comprehension. Read without the noise of the plane or listen to crisp audible books!


Audible is a great way to listen to a story while doing other things like driving or gardening, etc. You simply subscribe monthly with a  free trial to start. And, then, get to listening. Most books are downloadable for both the kindle and the audible app making it super easy!


With a free 14 day trial, this subscription is well worth the try. There is a huge list of great reads included for downloads which adds up to a lot of savings! Simply sign up for the subscription and download away!