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Traveling together is an interesting experiment. There are moments of utter bliss followed by moments of ‘I will push you off this mountain if the moment calls for it.’ Needless to say, we have had to learn to travel together.

We didn’t come together because we loved adventure. It is something we are still growing into. When we met 1 billion years ago, the thing that brought us together was a shared love of architecture and creativity. For me that has morphed into documenting life; for him, creative business.

mammoth lakes california convict lake

Without architecture in our lives, we have had to find another common ground. Over the years, we had started to travel here and there when we could on grad student wages. And, through that we began to tap into what we didn’t know was a shared love of the outdoors and photography.

Since then, we have traveled a bit both separately and together because what we found was that it fed both of us in ways could never imagine. And, in that, we came to learn that truly loving something means you love the struggle and practice of it just as much as the highs.

mammoth lakes california convict lake


We both love the hard work of traveling and the 1 million failed attempts at photography just as much as the successes. I suppose that’s true passion. And, I suppose in many ways, for us, that’s marriage. It’s the realization that you love the struggle of the relationship just as much as the bliss.

mammoth lakes california convict lake

And, maybe that’s true love or whatever sappy things hallmark is saying these days. So, why share this? I don’t know really. It’s just what I think about when I look at this series of shots. And, to be fair, I’ve sipped a lot of coffee this morning so my thoughts are bouncing. 

mammoth lakes california convict lake

But still, In these photos both of us as individuals are completely in our element and doing our own things, but all in all still adventuring together. Me: climbing on things to see the view and never spilling my cup of joe; and Nick: fly fishing away just as happy as a clam. Sidebar: why is that a saying ... ?

Anyway.... just two kids who love adventures no matter how big or how small; because, either way these travel junkies are doing it together, both the struggles and the bliss. And, maybe that’s all that love really is: finding common ground, trying for something, and no matter what, just doing it together.

mammoth lakes california convict lake

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