We've teamed up with Lorna, book enthusiast and cheeseburger expert, to get us in the know for what to read as some of us are still cozied up by a fire and others look ahead to spring! This girl takes reading seriously, and we constantly find ourselves on her Instagram and blog reading her book reviews.

Below are 9 books that you should be running to your nearest bookstore for:

The Heart's Invisible Furies

"There are very few words to express how much I loved The Heart's Invisible Furies. The best way to describe the message of this book and why it stole my heart from the very first pages, I have to quote it: “I’ve lost people before. I’ve known violence. I’ve known bigotry. I’ve known shame and I’ve known love. And somehow, I always survive.” This book left me reeling, moved, and so emotional. It is a truly beautiful story that I cannot recommend more." -LF



The Summer that Melted Everything

"The Summer that Melted Everything made me wish for winter more than any other book I've read. The summer this book takes place in is horrifying and heartbreaking. Events take place in that are dark and hard to digest, but it asks important questions and makes the reader sit and think. It is ever-relevant and I truly believe that as readers and as humans everyone should pick up this book." -LF

Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance

"If you want a book to leave you radiating with happiness at the end, pick up Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance. Magical realism makes this book whimsical and lighthearted. Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance is a love story between the idea of humanity and life. It explores how one person can change the lives of others even if they've only interacted once." -LF

A Million Junes

"As a close friend once said, A Million Junes is a million times brilliant. This book explores the idea of love and family with supernatural threads woven throughout. I found myself lost in these pages and wanting to learn as much as I could about the O'Donnell family as soon as I opened the book." -LF

We Are Okay

"We Are Okay is a heartbreaking beautiful novel about love and grief. It is a novel with LGBTQ+ love, but is not explicitly about that. It explores the inner workings of grieving after experiencing a deep betrayal and how difficult healing can be." -LF

Little Fires Everywhere

"Little Fires Everywhere asks important questions about the idea of motherhood and how the answer changes depending on the person. Ng painted a portrait of domesticity and family in a light that revealed flaws that all families have and what those flaws meant for the specific families. This portrait told a very realistic story about family and love that impressed me in a way I didn't think possible." -LF


They Both Die at the End

"I have never wanted a book's title to lie to me more than I have when reading They Both Die at the End. Unfortunately, Silvera does not lie. This book has a resounding message about truly living your life and asks the question, "What does it truly mean to live?"." -LF

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

"The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is by far on of Reid's best works. The way Reid writes this novel keeps you hooked from the beginning by having you fall in love with Evelyn instantly. The best part about this novel is how you can see and feel the story unraveling as you work through Evelyn's retelling of her life." -LF

Norse Mythology

"Norse Mythology is Gaiman's personal take on stories of the Norse gods. He brings Thor, Loki, and so many others to life on the pages and ties together the stories in a wonderfully satisfying way at the end." -LF