As a southern California girl, spending a few winter weeks in Europe seemed like a daunting task. I am typically a wimp when it comes to colder weather. I have become quite spoiled by Los Angeles’s sunny skies and palm trees. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure how I would handle the cold temperatures and overcast skies of Eastern Europe. But, thanks to loads of cozy warm layers, the past few weeks haven’t been nearly as bad as I had thought. I have spent my days roaming the cities and my nights nestled around a piping hot cup of tea. And, I have loved every minute of this adventure thus far!

With that said, I finally arrived to one of my biggest bucket list cities today! BUDAPEST!!!

The very first site I saw arriving in Budapest was the Liberty Bridge that connects Buda and Pest and reaches out over the Danube River. There are three main bridges that run across the River, but the Liberty Bridge is the most iconic with its green hues and stunning design. I was so excited to land in this city that I immediately dropped my bags off at my hotel and headed straight for  the bridge overlooking the city!


I spent my entire first afternoon here just walking the bridge and the surrounding areas all while wrapped up in my favorite cozy sweater thanks to! Here are a few shots taken from the Liberty Bridge in Budapest! And, if you are looking for an uber comfy and cool sweater this winter, make sure to check this one out!