One trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and it’s easy to see why it is loved so much by locals and tourists alike. It is the kind of magical place that lures you in with its laid-back vibe, top-rated skiing, breathtaking national parks; and, most importantly, its bustling culinary scene. With locally grown ingredients and a strong attention to detail, the restaurants and breweries of Jackson hole won't disappoint. Here is a list of places to eat and drink in Jackson Hole:

Persephone Bakery:

"best baked goods, quaint coffee shop, and spot for lunch"

One of the most loved cafes in Jackson Hole, this restaurant is a must for both tourists and locals. "The bakery creates artisanal breads and pastries, using the highest quality ingredients." From the baked goods to the hot drinks (yes, they serve cocktails) to their delicious soups, this a warm and cozy spot that everyone just has to try!

Lotus Cafe:

"Our mission is simple: to serve delicious, organic & sustainably-sourced food that everyone can enjoy & feel good about." And, they do just that. This is a great little spot of coffee, tea, and baked goods. They also serve great organic meals where you can find something for everyone. If you are looking for a healthy bite after a day on the slopes then this is the spot!

Jackson Hole Grocers:

This little spot in town is similar to a Whole Foods, but with all the local love and sense of community one could ask for. This isn't just a great grocery store. It is also a local stop for snacks and meals on the go. If you're planning on heading out to Yellowstone or the Teton National Parks, make sure to stop in here first to get great food and snacks for the day.

Thai Me Up:

Craving Asian food while in Jackson Hole? Not to worry. Thai Me Up is home to some of the best Thai food around. A local hang out spot, this restaurant serves hot noodles and loads of wonderfully spicy foods that will warm you up after a day on the mountain. Founded in 2000 by a ski bum, Thai Me up is both a restaurant and a brewery. With Kung Fu on the Tv, hip-hop on the hi-fi, and 20 (yes, twenty) craft beers on tap, what more could you want from a gastronomic experience?! 

Healthy Being Juicery:

"We select the freshest organic or local ingredients {better than organic}." This tag line says it all. if you are looking for a healthy pick me up then this is the place! Here you can get the best of the best in yummy juices while also grabbing a healthy breakfast or lunch in town. Make sure to stop in for a little immune boost while out in the colder weather!

Corbet's Cabin / Top of the World Waffles:

"Situated in Corbet's Cabin at 10,450 feet and accessed by the aerial tram, there is no better place to enjoy a waffle."  Corbet's Cabin is a bit of a staple in Jackson Hole. Everyone has to try one of their waffles. With delicious toppings like brown butter and nutella, you will be dreaming of the waffles for years to come. Make sure to stop by! 

Il Villaggio Osteria:

"An eatery reminiscent of the comfortable, community-focused restaurants that pepper the Italian countryside, an evening at Osteria transports, making you feel as though you’ve traveled to one of Italy’s hidden gems – all without the jetlag." Can we all just: 'YUM!' With a description like that who wouldn't want to try this Italian eatery. With imported meats and cheeses, the pasta and pizzas here are divine. If you are wanting some Italian comfort food, then don't miss out on a super meal here!

Snake River Brewing Jackson:

Looking for a classic brewery experience with good old pub food then look no further than Snake River Brewing. While they try to sell themselves as a small brewery in town, Snake River is no chump change. In 1994, Snake River became the first brewpub in the city and they know what they are doing. This brewery took home the GABF honor two years in a row and at least 14 of its beers have earned awards. Stop in and try their beers while snacking on classic American pub dishes like cheeseburgers, chicken wings, and fries!

Cafe Genevieve:

"Cafe Genevieve will lure you in with its cozy, welcoming ambiance and in the summer, the outdoor dining is fantastic." With breakfast served until 3pm, this is the brunch spot in town. Cafe Genevieve serves home-cooked style, seasonal and local dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Oh! And, they are also home to Jackson Hole's earlier happy hour starting at 3pm and serving barrel-aged cocktails. Cafe Genevieve is a great all around food and drink stop!

Wyoming Whiskey:

This independent, family-owned whiskey maker is a world class distillery. Located outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming Whiskey is worth the visit. If you are looking for a break from all of the craft breweries in Jackson Hole, then try their local bourbons made from local ingredients grown and sourced in Wyoming. "The consistency and uniqueness of their whiskey elements make for a better bourbon that stands apart. It’s the Whiskey of the West."