Have you ever seen photos on social media and thought to yourself, how did they get that photo? Us too! We did some research and combined that with our own experiences to create a list of tips and tricks for snapping that epic iPhone shot!



Turning the grid lines on is a simple and easy way to make sure that you capture a level shot. This is a huge help when you are snapping on the go. Moments can happen quickly. Keep the grid lines on all the time so that you are always prepared to throw your phone up and snap a perfectly horizontal photo.

The other main goal in using the grids is to always follow "the rule of thirds." Basically, you want to attempt to break your photo into thirds both horizontally and vertically. Once you turn on your grids, you will be able to see this more clearly. The idea is to keep your subject (whether it is a person or a palm tree) at the intersections of the lines shown on the iPhone grid.


Iphones do not have optical zoom. It is a digital zoom. These are two completely different situations in the world of photography. If you are using a DSLR camera for instance, it has an optical zoom which means the camera zooms in and keeps all of the high quality optics. It also means that if you alter want to crop the photo, there will be enough information in the photo to be able to do just that without sacrificing quality. Digital zoom, on the other hand, does not function this way. It basically gives you nothing but pixelation. It is not a true zoom. Try to never zoom in and rather position your iPhone closer to the subject you are shooting. 


Shading and lighting can make or break a photo. Choose the right time of day to venture out and about. Usually, sunset is a great time. Noonish is typically harsh lighting with the sun directly overhead. If you are in the photo, make sure to find your light. This means locate the natural source of light and make sure it is on your face. While you are at it, make sure the focus square is also on your face! If you are taking a photo with someone else, make sure that they aren't creating shadows on your face either. Adjust the direction of photo so the sun is on you and not in the background unless a silhouette look is what you are going for. Or angle your face until you are in the light!


The angle of a shot can change everything. If you are shooting a building, for example, getting low and angling up can make the building seem even taller than it is in real life. This works much the same way for people as well. Slenderness can sometimes be found in the angle of the shot. Go ahead and eat that pizza! Simply remember to angle your photo using the rules of perspective!

When thinking about perspective, also keep in mind what is in the foreground and the background. This relationship is important for creating a bit of depth in your photograph. Digital phone shots can often appear a bit flat so try to play with depth. Of course, if you have one of the new iPhones, then depth can be created in the different modes of the camera app so play around and get familiar with using those tools!


After you have taken your photo, if you notice that it needs a little love, editing apps are always a great option. The best editing app out there is Lightroom for iPhone. You can adjust everything from coloring to lighting to perspective. It also offers various tools to spot treat the photo. This is great in those moments when you didn't realize that you had a piece of lint on the lens and now you have a small dot in the sky.

In terms of coloring and lighting, VSCO cam, snapseed, and facetune are other great options! Try not to over do it with the editing. Keep it simple and as true to the natural photo as you can! Also, VSCO has really great presets that you can purchase. If you go this route, try to use the same presets for every snap to keep your editing style consistent! Once your photo is edited, share away!

Happy Snapping!