I will never forget driving through the ever-so stunning Patagonia landscape to get to Los Glaciers National Park. As I looked around the bus, everyone was looking at their phones. No one was looking out of the window as we journeyed through the mind-blowing scenery to our ultimate destination. That was so shocking to me, because I have never been just an end goal type of traveler.


It is my one complaint with flying. Flying takes out the opportunity to truly see the entire pilgrimage from where you were to where you are going. And, that journey can often be as, if not more, inspirational than your intended stop. This is why I love road trips so much. For me, a road trip is never solely about the end goal. I love pulling over at random spots along the way, seeing the landscape change, and exploring the vistas that are often over-looked.


Yes! I am 100% a road-side tripper, meaning, I love the middle of nowhere just as much as the center of somewhere. These photos, for instance, where taken along the road from Los Angeles to Mammoth Mountain. I have no idea where, but I spotted a good vista and immediately stopped to explore it. Yes, road tripping with me means loads of potentially unwanted stops. But, I truly believe adventure can be found anywhere and everywhere.

With that said, the lessons like the ones above that I have learned in my travels speak to things I need to get better at in my own personal and work life. Perhaps, it is just me, but I am so guilty of seeing an end goal and not enjoying the journey to get there. In my work, I often set a goal and won't stop until I have achieved it.



This is a good quality in some ways, but a downfall in others. It can be easy to fall into the trap of not enjoying the ride and letting life take you somewhere you might not have expected. Often times in life, the end goal or dream, whatever it may look like, will morph and evolve as we dive deeper into it. And, when I am so focused on what the final destination is supposed to look like, I don't allow the journey to redefine where I am going.

These photos are a great reminder to me, and now I share with you, that in our adventures and even in our personal lives, it is important to have final destinations. But, goals are only have of the life experience. It is the journey that teaches us, molds us, and often times, changes us for the better. So, keep dreaming, keep journeying, and never stop being a road-side-life-tripper. You never know what you might learn along the way.