Night Photography isn't the easiest. Typically, you have to drive outside of the city lights to have a dark enough sky to photograph the stars. And, at least with my camera equipment, you have to do your best to manually focus on the stars, then set the shutter speed incredibly low all while not knocking the camera and trying to block any wind from causing the camera to shake. It is a dance to say the least. But, there is something so fun about staying up late, being out in the middle of no where, and giving it your best shot.


These photos were taken in Kings Canyon, Wyoming. Situated between two mountains, the wind whipped through this little valley with great force making this night time photo shoot a bit difficult. But, whether the photos came out or not didn't matter to me. What mattered was the experience and the adventure of it all. With a cup of whiskey neat in my hand, I laid on the icy ground, positioned my camera to capture a bit of the mountains, focused on the stars, and then let the camera do the rest.


With nothing for miles, these shots show no signs of light pollution. The only light other than the stars is the light coming from inside one of the yurt style cabins. This night spent laying on the ground, just me and my camera, is one of my favorite memories from my trip through Wyoming.


I lay there just looking up at the stars, soaking in all of the peace this moment had to offer. There is something quite magical that happens when the noise and distractions of life fade away and your only job is to absorb a particular moment in time. Perhaps, those are the memories that I have come to hold closer. When left alone, fully submerged in an experience, I am able to take in more than I would with the typical tourist distractions. I remember the cool air, the pine smell, the light of the cabin, and the brilliance of the stars vividly. It was a night I will never forget, and the reason why these images mean so much to me.