(and my favorite travel companion)

I actually receive lots of questions regarding packing tips and advice. And, alright, I admit it. I am probably not the person to get packing advice from. I know how to do it and do it well, but I just choose not to do it or do it well. I usually just throw clothes and money into a bag, then take out half of the clothes and bring twice the amount of money, and call it a day. You can call it unorganized, but I like to refer to this method as being free-spirited. 

With that said, I do know a thing or two about traveling and what works and what doesn't work. This life experience of trial and error has lead me to discovering the ultimate luggage that I carry with me every time I travel. It is literally the only bag on the market that has wheels and can be converted into a backpack. And, even though the style isn't what I would normally go for, the backpack option sold me!

I have travelled with large wheeled luggage and had to carry it up and down flights of stairs. I've also backpacked South America for 3 months with no wheel options what so ever and just a heavy bag on my back. And, the truth is that neither situation was ideal and the luggage options weren't versatile enough for the changing environments. 

For instance, I went to Nicaragua recently with my trusty backpack/luggage. For a few days, my friends and I stayed in these cabins built into a side of a mountain overlooking the ocean. The only way to get around this complex was by hiking what felt like tons of vertical steps. This is a scenario in which a backpack option is ideal. Another example is pretty much anywhere in Europe. Most buildings are very small and old and do not have elevators. It only takes hauling luggage up several stories one time before you are google "best travel backpacks." 

My Osprey bag while in Costa Rica. Remember, I am a free-spirit.

My Osprey bag while in Costa Rica. Remember, I am a free-spirit.

But, no backpack, no matter what it advertises is comfortable to wear for long periods of time throughout a trip. For me, wearing a heavy backpack was a last resort. I wanted both... wheels and a backpack. I did extensive research and found this Osprey bag to offer both options. I purchased this bag a couple of years ago and have completely fallen in love with it. It is perfect! It is still in great condition; and, trust me, this thing has been all over. It has great durable wheels on it (I have had two bags with wheels break). And, the backpack option has come in handy so many times! It has awesome compartments and strap options for adding small backpacks. It holds enough to travel for months at a time; and, for someone who over-packs like I do, that says a lot! Case in point, see photo on the right:

I hope this is a helpful travel tip! Check out this Osprey Shuttle Luggage if you are looking for a new piece of luggage that you can take with you anywhere!