"What should I pack?" or "What are some travel must haves?" These are the questions that we get asked the most. In order to properly answer such questions, we are launching a new weekly series entitled "Essentials for Her." Every Friday we will be sharing our tips, tricks, how-to's, and even downloadable packing lists for all of your adventure needs. With nearly one month left of snow on the mountains here in California, we thought we would focus on "What to Pack for a Weekend in the Mountains?"

Recently, COH° took a few of our contributing editors on a much needed, girl's only, weekend get away to the mountains. Packing for such an excursion proved quite important as the snow + sun combination required show-stopping sunnies, easy to remove layers and other essential items like long lasting moisturizer. We also learned a few tricks along the way. For instance, leather pants don't absorb water from the snow like denim. Good to know, right?!

We have shared helpful packing tips along with our dream list for all things mountain escape below. Enjoy!

xoxo KB


1. Camera: here

2. Hats: here, here, and here

3. Beanie: here and here

4. Gloves/Mittens: here and here 

5. Sunnies: here, here, and here

6. Long sleeves: here and here

7. Short Sleeves: here and here

8. Lip Balm: here, here, and here

9. Socks: here, here, and here

10. Boots: here, here, and here

11. Water bottle: here

12. Sunscreen: here, here, and here

13. Moisturizer: here, here, and here

14. BB Cream: here

15. After Sun Soother: here, here, here, and here

16. Cardigan: here, here, here, and here

17. Coat: herehere, here, and here

18. Thermal: here and here

19. Leather Pants: here, here, here, and here

20. Sweatpants: here, here, and here

21. Sweatshirt: here, here, here, and here

graphic design by macie menard