"If I had to sum myself up in 5 words it would be: I travel, and I eat. And, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. My friends know this about me which is why they recommend that I try the Time Out Market while I was exploring Lisboa. And, oohhhh mmmm gggg were they right! I took the first few bites of my food and immediately added said friends to my special Christmas list.

 It comes as no surprise that I was obsessed with this eatery/market in Lisbon. The Time Out Market Lisboa is THE place to eat, and, over the past few years, this has become the number one tourist stop in the entire city. This is no small feat when you consider that the city is steeped in 800 years of history worthy attractions.

Inside this renovated warehouse is every major gastronomic experience Lisbon has to offer allowing you to try it all... and I did! I ate EVERYTHING! I actually chose the location of my @airbnb just to be able to walk to this market every day. My name is Kristi, and I am a dedicated travel foodie."



In recent years, markets like that of Grand Central Station in downtown LA have started popping up in major cities around the world giving locals and tourists a chance to taste various foods all under one roof. One such market experience that stands out is the Time Out Market in Lisbon, Portugal. 

From fine dining to casual eats and even street food worthy of a Michelin stamp of approval, this market experience has something for everyone. Whether picking up a local baguette and cheese for a picnic on the water or sitting down and eating a 4 course meal, this is the best way to enjoy the local flare. The entire concept brings the top food from all over Lisbon into one place offering both a unique cultural exchange and curated gastronomic explosions.

Make sure to include the Time Out Market Lisboa on your trip to Portugal. You will not regret it!