01. Drink Loads of Water:

It is extremely important to hydrate before any flight! Days before your flight, start prepping. Drink a few extra glasses of water every day! Then, once on board, drink as much fluids as you can handle. Bring a trusty water bottle on the plane! I am obsessed with these water pouches by Vapur!

02: Immune Boost:

As with any flight, make sure to load up on Vitamin C and probiotic before flying to boost your immune system. I always do some sort of detox plan a few days prior to a long haul. Eat your greens and drink your juice!

03: Pack the Meds:

If you are like me and your sinuses are always seeking revenge on you, I suggest bringing sinus meds or headache/pain reliever just in case things start acting up on board. I prefer these natural allergy meds by Gaia. Also, pack whatever you prefer for a sleeping aid whether it is sleepy tea, melatonin, or the hard stuff.

04. Get a Good Seat:

Keep checking and re-checking your flight map to keep an eye on any available rows. If an entire row is available, try to move to one of those seats in hopes of having an entire row to lay down and pass out during the flight. If a row isn't available, take an aisle seat. With a good supportive pillow, it won't matter where you are seated, but your legs will thank you for the ability to easily get up and walk around.

05. Stay Charged:

Make sure that all of your electronics are thoroughly charged! Most flights now offer laptop plugs and USB plugs for charging. But, every now and then, you will inevitably be in the one seat that isn’t working so always be prepared! Bring a portable charger like this ihome one I love. And, a long charging cable!

06. Bring Sufficient Entertainment:

Of course movies and games are offered in flight. A recent flight that I was on was having issues with the entire entertainment system. This is a great reason to always have backup options like books or games on your devices or just a good old deck of cards will do the trick! Kindles are also a great option!

07. Download in Advance:

If you are planning to read on your phone or kindle, make sure you have everything downloaded and ready to go in advance! You can also download entire albums or playlists in spotify so make sure to do this in advance as well!

08. Take the Specialized Meal:

A little tid bit from a vegetarian: Select a special meal. You can do this in advance through your airline. Doesn’t matter what you chose… gluten free, vegetarian, etc. You will always get served first. Special meals are handed out at the start of meal time. On long flights, when you start to get inevitably hungry, this can be a game changer!

09. A Good Pillow is Key:

This is really important. The ones given to you on board don’t really count for anything. The main idea is to support your neck well in the hope that you have a nice sleep.

10. Pack A Survival Kit:

Hand cream for the dry skin, hand sanitizer for that sneezing person next to you, eye masks for those travelers that keep the windows open, and ear plugs for all of those rather loud announcements that only seem to come on once you have fallen asleep! 

11. Pack a Mini Bathroom:

Pack a travel tooth brush, moisturizing chapstick, face moisturizer, under eye cream, and a small deodorant. At least once during the flight you will want to freshen up! For this reason, I also like to bring a small hand towel to rinse my face.

12. Bring a Good Headphone Set:

I have mentioned this before in other articles. For me, headphones really help to block out distractions and noises when you want to focus on work or fall fast asleep, whichever comes first. 

13. BRING FOOD!!!!!!!

The meals on the plane are perfectly fine, but they are just airplane food. Bring healthy snacks and buy a healthy meal in the airport to have on hand! I am a HUGE advocate for not getting on the plane without snacks and a full meal. I can’t tell you how many times a flight I was on had to circle the landing airport for an extra hour waiting to land or had to sit on the tarmac just waiting to take off. Having food with you and not having to only rely on the inflight meals is a MUST! Plus, you will be able to insure that you have healthier immune boosting options.

14. Wear Comfortable Clothing: 

This goes for any flight but is particularly important on long hauls! Because your legs will start to get uncomfortable, you will want to bend them or curl up in your seat. Make sure to wear pants that allow for this and wear a top that you know you will feel comfortable enough to fall asleep in! 

15. Stay Warm:

Bring enough layers to stay warm! You are given a small blanket but as with the pillow, it is quite thin. I recommend a nice wrap or long coat to snuggle up with. Also, nice thick socks will make a huge difference! The floor of the plane along with the windows seats are usually the cooler parts of the plane.

16. Spare Outfit:

For those REALLY long hauls, bring a change of clothing like a spare top. Around hour 8 or 9, you will be wanting to freshen up or just change it up. This is also great if you are planning to hit the ground running once you land.

17. No Caffeine & No Alcohol:

I know. I know. Trust me. I know how much this one sucks, but caffeine and booze are de-hydrating. Being up in the air is already quite drying on your body so it is ideal to make hydration the main focus and avoid elements that have the opposite affect.

18. Sleep on Schedule:

Set your watch or device to your destination time and try to only sleep during their sleep hours. This can be a huge help in adjusting to a crazy time zone!


This is the most vital tip for surviving the flight and the accompanying jet lag. Even prior to the flight, make sure to stand as much as you can and loosen up your limbs. Walk around the airport, do some yoga stretches, whatever works best for you. The main focus is your legs. Sitting in the same position for an extended period of time is rough on your knees, joints, and circulation. Once on board, make sure to get up and walk or even just stand around as much as you can. 

20. Pack a Post Flight Survival Kit:

If you are going somewhere straight from the airport and need o look fresh AF, then pack a good post flight bag. The first thing I want to do post flight is wash my face! Bring cleansing towelettes with you like these from Target. Next is the eyes! I swear by these Juice Beauty eye masks. You go from looking like you survived something terrible to completely alive and awake! Lastly, a great BB cream and you are ready to go!