This particular destination is one that requires actual coordinates to locate. The plane is not visible from the Ring Road (or Route 1), and if it weren't for the small indicators listed below, you might miss the stop altogether. For starters, here are the coordinates needed to locate the DC3 Plane Crash:

Turnoff Coordinates: 63,4912391, -19.3632810

Airplane Coordinates: 63.459523, -19.364618

Located on Iceland’s South coast, the Sólheimasandur airplane wreckage can be found between the Skogafoss waterfall and the town of Vik. If you are coming from the west, keep driving east past Skogafoss on Route 1 for about 2km. You will cross a bridge with yellow lights and a small dirt road that leads to the Sólheimajökull Glacier on the left. There is an opening in the fence on the right just passed the bridge that leads to the plane crash. If you find yourself crossing a second bridge, then you have gone too far. 

Now that driving up to the wreckage is no longer an option, you might see several cars parked along the fence. This is an indication that you are in the right place. Park your car, grab warm layers and some water, and start the 2.5 km hike to the plane. Someone actually laid out markers with larger rocks to form a path to the plane. There is a slight fork in the path so stay to the left and just follow along to the crash site. Good Luck!


1) Be sure to be aware of the weather for that day as the weather turns quite quickly in Iceland. 2) I was lucky enough to visit this plane crash before tourism really boomed in Iceland. Meaning, no one was there. We were able to climb in and around the plane and take lots of photographs without any interference from other tourists. Also, we were able to drive right up to the plane. A year later, my friends visited this site again and after hiking 4km to get to the plane, he was unable to take a photograph of the plane without dozens of others in the shot. 3) Keep in mind this is a popular destination so early morning or late at night with the northern lights might provide you with the best photographs.