Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a sucker for life goals and dreams. I live for conversations about any one person's aspirations for their life. I am the type of person that does not care what you do as long as you are passionate about it. If underwater basketweaving is your thing, I will be on the sidelines cheering you on as your biggest fan. Others having the audacity and the gumption to "dare to believe in their dreams" inspires me.

I have always been this way. I am a goal setter, a dreamer. I am passionate to a fault. With that, I love hard, work hard, and live hard. As long as I can remember, I have set goals for myself and my life. Some have been big, and some have been small. Have I achieved them all? Not yet. But, I have lived out more dreams than not. And with every goal achieved, I am propelled forward toward a new ambition.

Perhaps it has something to do with New Year's being the day I entered the world. The entire day is about celebrating the promise of a New Year ahead. This idea of fresh starts and fervent resolutions resonates with me in a way I cannot fully put into words. I connect with it. It is a part of who I am. It is absolutely how I see the world. 

All of the aforementioned qualities, lead me to a moment in the NOLA airport the final day of 2015. For over a year, I had been slaving away at a website idea called Coordinates of Her°. By this point, I was tired, beyond hungry, and in desperate need of a proper shower. I had not slept in 30 hours, but at 6:30am, I clicked my computer mouse for the final time. I quickly threw clothes into a bag and was out the door for 7am to catch a flight.

And, while my upcoming trip was exciting, I was more focused on the fact that I had quite literally just finished designing, coding, and laying out my dream. This was a life goal I had held close to my heart for nearly a decade. It was something that I had long wanted to do. And, after over a year of dedicated hard work and sleepless nights, Coordinates of Her° was officially launching.

I had this strange feeling sitting in the NOLA airport terminal. In that moment, I felt such a huge release. Launching Coordinates of Her° was not something I did for anyone else's approval. I did it for myself. I had this vision, this crazy idea. I believed in it. I never lost sight of it. And what came out of that was a deeper trust and understanding of my own inner strength. I had proven to myself that if I dared to dream it, then I could achieve it.

This very concept became the greatest lesson I would learn in 2016. Dreams do not go out there and happen to people. People have to go out there and happen to dreams. There will always be nay sayers whether you are living your life to your fullest or not. It is much easier to not put yourself out there and to not take the risks or make the sacrifices. It is safer to sit back and say, "what if it doesn't work out?" or "what if I fail?"

But why do we often leave out the other side of the coin? Yes, you may "fail," but what if you succeed? And, what if you discover more fulfillment than you could have ever imagined. For me, this past year developing Coordinates of Her° has been an absolute dream. I have had the opportunity to connect with and be inspired by so many woman doing amazing things all over the world.

My ultimate vision is for Coordinates of Her° to become a space where a community of woman can discuss the beauty of different cultures, the kindness of strangers, the compassion of humanitarian efforts, and the defining travel experiences that inspire us all. As we explore our own coordinates and those around the world, we discover that we are more similar than we are different; because, without question, traveling breeds compassion for all of mankind.

With that said, this past year has been filled with much gratitude for the people who have supported this cause. Thank you to all of the messages of encouragement from friends and family along the way. And, thank you to the hundreds of people I have not met personally, but who have shared their life experiences and travels.

Stay focused. Never stop dreaming. And, please keep telling your stories. Together, we can make this world a more compassionate place.


Kristi Bailey


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