What makes this small coffee shop so special?

- It is arguably the top roaster in the world.

When we ordered our first cup of coffee here, the baristas (who are all top rated and award winning coffee makers) literally measured out the weight of the particular coffee we ordered to the weight of water. They made the first cup and said "no, thats not quite the right ratio." This was a new bean they were using, and they were figuring out the science of grams to grams. They were so serious about the tasting notes and precise with regards to the weight of that particular bean. I had never seen so much care and attention paid to 8 ounces of coffee in my life. And, you know what, the final cup tasted like perfection.

I've been to Iceland twice and both times this was high up on my list of places to visit. I am an avid coffee drinker. We grind and make our own coffee any time we are traveling. And, we always buy local coffee and visit roasters when we are in a city. Our first trip to Iceland we took a road trip along the Ring Road, and we brought bags of Rekjavik Roasters along with us.

We would stop into gas stations and tourist stops (there aren't a lot of either on the drive) to get hot water; and, then, on the side of the Ring Road, we would grind a fresh cup of coffee with our travel grinderpour-over set, and a heated-app-controlled mug. Yep, we are those people. 

I have pictures somewhere of us making coffee with these crazy glaciers and Icelandic sceneries behind us. It is crazy to think about now, but it seemed completely normal at the time. Both of our visits to Reykjavik we stopped here and got coffee not only for our trip but also to bring home only to be used for special occasions. Ahhh... coffee...