COORDINATES: 33.9611° N, 116.5081° W

There is something about the darkness of the night juxtaposed with the beauty and brightness of the stars in the sky that gets me every time. For me, the night sky is where I find my peace and solice. Watching the stars has become therapeutic. Life slows down, even if just for a moment, and suddenly I am reminded of how small I am compared to the endless stars in the Milky Way.


Combining my interest in photography and my passion for the night sky naturally progressed into a deep love for long exposure photographs. Every time I travel, I wait for a clear night (unfortunately that usually means a cold night) and I drive out into the darkness away from the city lights to try to capture the experience of the stars. 


Coming out of a restaurant in Palm Springs, CA I  noticed the beauty of the night sky. I jumped into my car, and drove into the desert, somewhere between Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs, CA to capture these shots.